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About Me

About Me

I am Sven, and I love startups and their communities. I am a founder of many failed and some successful startups myself. I have been involved in a few different startup ecosystems over the years starting in NYC and NJ through  SWFL and  Tampa and most recently Taos New Mexico. Organizing meetups, accelerator programs and other startup events are some of the initiatives I participate in while working on my own startups. I have also had the chance to mentor and advice multiple founders and their startups either 1:1 or through various programs such as the startup weekend. On this page you will find an overview of some of my past and current involvements, passions and achievements.

Some of my Projects


see here

This project is since on Ice, but I would love to reactivate it some time with a focus on Vegan food, since I believe that will have an impact on the planet, and there is a need for the Vegan market (my wife and I are both Vegan as well).

I also participated in a few more


in NYC where we usually placed or won sponsor prices. E.g.

Interview after we made 2nd runenr up Mixtape

, or here

Pitch for MixTape

, or one more which was about food again:

Papers, Patents & Talks