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How to build Distributed Apps

How to build Distributed Apps


Smart Contracts & Distributed Ledger Technologies

Part 2 of Blockchain Technology. A mini series done in collaboration between SWFL Tech and SWFL Coders.


By now, we have all heard about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and all the buzz around it. But what is the blockchain really? Many of you have asked for a tech meetup on that very topic, and we delivered. We explored the technology behind blockchain, distributed ledgers, and the associated applications such as crypto currencies like bitcoin and others.

Put simply, a blockchain is a ledger of records organized in 'blocks' that are linked together by cryptographic validation. It is a digital storage of consensus truth. Open-source software that leverage the blockchain technology are called Dapps (Or Distributed Apps). This talk mini series was structured in 2 main topics.

Talk 1:

How does the Blockchain work and why should I care?

The goal of this first talk  gave insight into the technology behind the buzzword. The talk provided the audience with a high-level, non-technical understanding of blockchain by going through a real-world use case. Lu Doan presented an overview of his decentralized application (dAPP) project built on the Ethereum blockchain. Lu provided insights into the project along with reasons why blockchain and Ethereum were selected for these projects.

Talk 2:

Building Smart Contracts and Decentralized Applications (D-Apps)

In this second talk we explore something called smart contracts and D-Apps. A D-App is an open-source software platform implemented on decentralized blockchains and fueled using tokens which are generated using a protocol/algorithm. I was honored to be a speaker at this event.

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Part 2 of Blockchain Technology. A mimi series done in collaboration between SWFL Tech Meetup and SWFL Coders. Part 1...

Posted by SWFL Coders on Monday, June 11, 2018