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We start week 3 with a bang. A new website launch is on the docket, as well as much more customer discovery.

Day 15

The day after our check ins is always difficult for me. Firstly the previous week usually ended with a climax of a presentation I pushed for, and therefore the last milestone has just been wrapped up. So I need to regroup and think about the coming week. Secondly because its a Saturday, and I usually have a lot of responsibilities AFK I need to attend to.

With the spirit of doing at least one thing every week, I banged a good chunk of bug fixing and UI improvements out in the morning. Have a look at the slighly improved modals I use for the checkout:

I also fixed the flow of the communication between the modals, my DB and Gumroad. There was an issue that if the user would not finish the check out, and simply close the modal, and come back. The widget integration would fail. So I had to reverse engineer the widgets js file a bit, and realized there was a global object in the window context which I needed to delete when the modal was closed, so the next time it was opened, it could be recreated from scratch without any residual data.

Day 16

Today we launch the website.

Before that however, lets fix the contact form and add a email subscription form. On the top of the page I added a simple input which send the emails to my firebase backend. Nothing more needed here:

Launching the website

Since I opted to rebuild in HTML and Vanilla JS, launching is simple. I already have a server setup with

Traefik Labs: Makes Networking Boring
Traefik is the world’s most popular cloud-native application networking stack, helping developers and devops build, deploy run microservices quickly and easily.

Which makes it super simple to spin up a new landingpage in nginx by adding a new block to my docker-compose.yml file:

Then all there is to do, is adding the files to the html folder, and change the DNS settings of the domain to point to said server.

Now we wait for the DNS to propagate.

Day 17

Its Monday the 25th, and today I started a new position as a EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence for the local University. I was super excited after the opportunity presented itself a few weeks ago. Helping other entrepreneurs and startups has been my passion for many years now, and I can't wait to dive into this space again. However with this new responsibility, I am also aware that my commitments to and coStarting will become more difficult.

Regarding, today was AN AMAZING DAY.

I had my first sale

I was sitting in the yard on the phone with one of my mentors for our monthly check-ins when I had to rudely interrupt her after receiving this email from Gumroad. WOW. Only one day after the pre-sale website went live, someone found it and put enough trust in me to participate in the pre sale.

Reaching out on Twitter

Another thing that happened today was that I started interacting with ClickUp on twitter. I just straight up asked them if they ever sponsor anything like coStarting. :) And their response was encouraging.


Day 18

On last weeks check-in meeting, we came up with the concept of

Virtual Coffee Meetings

A live stream half way through the week without any format and presentation but simply to check in on each other, discuss what's going on and brainstorm. That happened for the first time today. My personal highlight was the participation of my first customer. :) I was able to reach out to him since he also started following me on Twitter, and he agreed to join us on the call. It was great to hear how he found the product.

I am amazed of the power of twitter. I am still basically a twitter baby with my account, but look at these results. My first sale for a pre-sale product happened in a matter of 1 day / 17 days (depending on how you look at it. Primarily because of the openness approach and building the product in public on twitter. I knew communities are powerful, and that is in part the reason why I started coStarting. But it still blew me away today. I rode that high all day. :) best $4.99 I have ever gotten a chance to earn (since its a pre-sale, he technically didn't pay yet. But will be charged once the product is live).

Day 19

So I forgot to tell you, on Monday something else AMAZING happened. Chris Cunningham, founding member and Senior Brand Strategist at ClickUp responded to the tweet I mentioned.

I mean.. Wow...

I was able to schedule a call with him for today, and had a blast. He understand the full vision of coStarting to a T, and I could not be more excited about the fact that Chris and people at ClickUp are talking about these topics. We had a great conversation, and I am looking forward to exploring how we might be able to work together.

Looks like Chris's colleagues are hyped about us connecting too:

These interactions are the reasons I started coStarting. I believe very strongly that there is an alternative way to starting companies, and furthermore allow anyone to contribute and earn ownership in such companies without todays barriers.

Day 20

We are nearing the 3rd check-in with our cohort, and this week I focused a bit more on coStarting than coinDrop. Luckily I am somewhat ahead on my roadmap.

I started thinking about where CoinDrop might be going after the cohort, and how I could ensure the most success for it. While simultaneously thinking about the next steps for coStarting I have begun considering making CoinDrop the first coStartup experiment.

What does that mean?

A coStartup by my definition is a startup that is embracing Openness and Collaboration. Think about it similarly to open source projects, where anyone could decide to join and contribute to the project. But beyond just code. I believe that it is possible to have teams in companies, and maybe the entire company self organize, self manage and openly collaborate while building the company. This would include everything from code, to marketing, to sales, to legal, etc.

The key will be to come up with framworks, systems and methods to govern this way of working. However, I have spent many months thinking about this in theory, and concluded that the only thing I am doing, is coming up with more questions. So I decided to simply do it, and figure it out as we go.

Which means, after this cohort (probably a few weeks after), I will be coStarting CoinDrop, and open the company up to anyone who wants to become a contributor.

Who's messing with my pre-sale page?

One other thing I thought was amusing today was the interaction of someone with my pre-sale forms. You see, I also safe the addresses preople select, even if they are not going through with the purchase. I thought this might come in handy and provide an interesting dataset in the future. And I sure find it already entertaining. :)

Day 21 (Preview)

3 weeks have passed already. Its amazing how much you accomplish if you stick with something and do at least one thing every day. Since its not technically day 21 yet, I am writing this as a preview. Because as you know by now. "Today" will be check in day. And I wanted to pass along the link to the live stream already.

Make sure you tune in for the 3rd check-in to get a full update on all cohort companies.